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Skin Wise Healthcare offers thorough, top-to-toe, skin cancer checks using the latest in digital skin cancer imaging. Our doctors have training and expertise in the early detection and treatment of all types of skin cancers. We consult from our purpose built skin cancer clinic at Marden, located close to the Adelaide city centre.

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The Skin Wise Healthcare Difference

Checking for signs of skin cancer requires care and attention. We are a dedicated skin cancer clinic, so our doctors can take the time to give you the comprehensive screening and advice you need. We take care of you from your initial skin check through to any testing or treatment you require. The health of your skin is our priority.

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Patients in Adelaide and South Australia can now benefit from MoleMap, the screening service that assists doctors with the surveillance and diagnosis of melanomas. MoleMap uses digital dermoscopy, sequential imaging and expert diagnosis to enable the early detection of changes and the identification of malignant melanomas.

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Skin Cancer Protection

Sun burn is a major cause of skin cancer. During summer it is possible to get burnt in less the 15 minutes. Take precautions when the UV Index is 3 and above.

Sun protection when the UV Index is 2 or less is only required for extended periods outside.

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